Welcome to Hillfield Strathallan College Calendars

There are ten Calendars available for viewing scheduled events :

Click on the name of the Calendar you wish to view, or hold down the Ctrl key to select more then one calendar. The online Calendar allows you to view the schedule of events in whatever way best suits your needs. Choose list view or traditional calendar grid. Switch from month view to week view. Hide the event details. Start your week on Tuesday. You decide!

Defining Calendar Views and Formats

Calendar contents can be displayed in either a traditional calendar grid format or as a list of events.

Calendar Format: The calendar format uses the familiar column grid with weekday headings in year, month, 2-week, and week views.

List Format: The list format displays events in a chronological list in year, month, 2-week, week, and day views, with an interactive three-month calendar (which functions the same as those in Year view) will also appear in the left-hand column.

Using the timeframe tabs you can view event information in the following timeframes:

Year View: From this yearly overview, you can select the year, month, week, or day you wish to view more closely. Click on a month name to view the events in that month. Click on a week number within a particular month to view the events for that week. Click on a day number to view the events on that day.

In list format, Year view shows all the events for the selected year.

Month View: View events for the selected month.

2-Week View: View the events for the selected week and the following week.

Week View: View events for the selected week.

Day View: View events for the selected day.

Event View: You can click on the event title to view full event details. Depending on the calendar configuration, the details will display in a pop-up window.

Using the Calendar Icon Bar

From left to right, the functions accessible via the icon bar are:

Search: Enter a keyword to search one or more calendars. Specify start and end dates to narrow your search. (By default the start date is todayís date.)

Subscribe: Subscribe to one or more calendars to receive event change notifications and/or reminders for upcoming events via email.

Print: Open a new window to display a stripped-down, ready-to-print version of the current calendar view. (In most circumstances, clicking the "Print" icon will also automatically launch a print dialog box from your browser so that you only need to click "Print" or "OK" in that dialog box to print the current view.)

Options:  Users with appropriate privileges can access Calendar and/or Site Configuration screens. All users can change various viewing options for the current session and export calendar data via the "Calendar Options" form:

Export Calendar: Export events within a specified date range from one or more calendars.

Format: View the events as a list or in calendar grid format.

Mode: Change to View-Only or Modify Mode. In Modify Mode, clicking on an event in the calendar will access the Modify Event screen (assuming that you have write access to that calendar). In View Mode, clicking on an event in the calendar will display the event details.

Timezone: Select the appropriate timezone for your location.

Use 24-hour Clock: Designate your preferred time format (12- or 24-hour).

Show Weekends: Show or hide Saturday and Sunday. (This has no effect on list views.)

Show Event Type Icons: Turn the "To-do" icons (an exclamation point for incomplete tasks and a checkmark for completed tasks) on or off.

Show Details: Choose between showing event details on the current page or clicking on the event to read the description. (Event details will be listed beneath the calendar grid in calendar view and will directly follow each event in list view.)

Show Icon Bar: Turn the icon bar section on or off. (If you elect to hide the icon bar, a "View Options" link will appear at the bottom of the screen to allow access again.)

Show Event Author: Turn the Event Author credit on or off.

Start Week On: Specify the first day of the week for calendar views.

Event Sorting: Specify the order in which events should be displayed on each date.

Click "Change options" to begin viewing events with the options you have designated. Or select "Cancel Changes" to return to the calendar and view events with the default options.

Help: Access the userís guide.

Login/Logout: Depending on the privileges granted your user account, clicking the "Login" icon and entering your username and password may allow you to access additional calendars and configuration screens.  If you are already logged in, clicking on the Logout button will log you out and provide the option of returning to the startup page.

Exporting Events using vCal

Exporting events in the Calendar (vCal) industry standard format allows users to export an event from our calendar system to another application such as Outlook, Lotus Notes, Palm Desktop, or any other calendaring program that supports the vCal standard.

To export an event, click on the selected event to bring up either the event's detail pop-up window, or the modify event screen, depending on whether you are presently in view mode or modify mode. You then simply need to click on the Export Event icon to export the selected event to the location of your choice.